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Transhipment / Transloading services to other countries with Indonesian COO is the rare services by using our Bonded Warehouse in every ports in Indonesia. For example cargo from China to India or to USA, transit first via Indonesia Bonded Warehouse, in Indonesia ports. Some of buyers in India, USA, Middle East and Latin America, do not need the COO from China. They need COO from Indonesia, Thaland, Malaysia or Singapore. We can provide the COO as Indonesia origin Port of Loading and produce the Switch BL and two Sector BL. Hence whenever doing the shipment from China to India, the container will be toward to Indonesia first. Making the the first as well, then doing the transshipment to bonded area. Making up and up grade the goods as well as follow to the Law of Indonesian customs regulation. After all we produce Indonesian COO and doing the switch BL or Two Sector BL with the new formation shipper, consignee that different with the previous first BL and the second shipment will be commencing from Indonesia to India with the one BL.
We can provide the cost to issued the COO and handling into bonded area from Indonesia port, certainly on the lowest cost.

Indonesia is an archipelagic country consisting of hundreds or even thousands of small and big islands.
This geographical condition requires separate handling in shipping goods from one island to another.
With knowledge of Indonesian geography and our years of experiences, we provide the inter-island freight forwarding services as well.

There are lots of risks that can be occurred when goods are delivered. Those risks can occur during stuffing, traveling to the port, during port handling, traveling at sea until the goods arrive at the consignee address. For this reason, we, PT TNA Logistics, do not only offer the ocean freight but also full insurance to avoid the risks. We really understand the loss that will be bear if the risk occurred.
As FOB export from Indonesia, buyer covered risk during origin port until discharge port. Shipper do not cover risk during from warehouse to origin port. Similarly buyer do not cover risk from discharges port to buyer warehouse.
In these lack to rick management, TNA Logistics can cover risk during Shipper warehouse, origin port, discharge and until buyer warehouse. In the others words, TNA Logistics can cover risk on door to door basis insurances.
Furthermore, TNA Logistics can substitute CNF basis become CIF Basis along with or incorporate ocean freight included. Certainly we can give the lowest and best prime contracted insurance level.

We, PT TNA LOGISTICS have a new division for Overseas Networks Cooperation and Trading since we have a command from INDONESIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (ICCI) in Central Java to introduce special products coming from Java i.e Furnitures and Wood Products. We form a consortium named INDONESIAN WOOD PRODUCTS CONSORTIUM which consisting of companies/manufacturers that are trusted both in quality and price. We provide a variety of superior wood products that are unique, attractive and classy with a competitive price.

More and more new exporters/importers are getting increase every day due to easy access in transactions between sellers and buyers. However, many of the exporters do not yet have permits as a requirement to be able to ship goods into a certain country for example China.
In China, they put more stringent requirements for fish products. Fish products which sent to China must be accompanied by a GAACC/HACCP/UNDERNAME permit and we are available to provide them.

As an experienced forwarders for years, we PT TNA LOGISTICS provide DDU (Duty Delivery Unpaid) & DDP (Duty Delivery Paid) custom clearance and BROKERAGE services in Indonesia.
This will make it easier and easier for customers who do not have an import permit and export licenses. Most importantly, the goods arrive at the consignee without thinking about the processing/permitting of import taxes in Indonesia.

We can cover first the payment of taxes as long as we can deal directly to shipper and cargo owner (buyer) in Indonesia.


  • Land Transportation and Distribution
  • Freight Forwarder and Total Logistics
  • Indonesia Domestic Inter Island Transportation Service
  • Professional Trucking Management and Project
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Break Bulk Vessel Service
  • Custom Clearance Brokerage
  • Stevedoring Services
  • Shipping and Port Agency
  • Special Cargo Management (FR, OT, OG)


Every single container is checked and tested by our operational team to make sure that your cargo is having a good place.

We track every cargo so that you will know your shipment status. Give you any updates on the traffic, obstacles, bad weather, or anything concerned about the shipment.

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